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    Arlene Katz

    Pilates Instructor and Owner of Pilates Space

    IMG_0988Arlene is certified with The United States Pilates Association after graduating from the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Certification Program in 2007. This entailed completing over 700 hours of practice, teaching, and observation in the New York Pilates Studio, as well as written and practical exams at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels on all apparatus ( Reformer, Mat, Chairs, Barrels, Pedi-pull, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Magic Circle, Free Weights)

    Arlene’s instructors at the New York Pilates Studio®, Stephanie Beatty, Brett Howard, and Sean Gallagher are second generation Teachers of Teachers. Their teachers were trained by Joseph H. Pilates. The New York Pilates Studio® has promoted Mr. Pilates’ original teachings and philosophy on health and wellness, upholding the highest standard of authenticity and excellence in teaching The Pilates Method. Arlene continues to uphold these standards of excellence and purity. Opening Pilates Space in 2008 was Arlene’s dream come true, as she fell in love with The Pilates Method over 20 years ago, and she is thrilled to be able to share this gift with her community.

    In addition to her Pilates training, Arlene has 34 years of clinical experience as a Physical Therapist. Her extensive career as a Physical Therapist enhances her understanding and application of the Pilates Method to those individuals with medical,neurological,orthopedic post-op/rehab problems as well as pre/postpartum difficulties.

    As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Arlene is able to work with professional and recreational athletes to further enhance the skills demanded by their sport, giving them a competitive edge by fine tuning and expanding their movement repertoire.

    Arlene is a Brown belt in Kanzen Gojuryu Karate, and has an extensive dance background. She has also coached recreational and travel soccer for Marlboro township for 20 years.
    A life long student, Arlene continues to study Pilates with Brett Howard, and has taken workshops with Jay Grimes, Lolita San Miguel, and Kathi Ross-Nash. Continuing education courses in Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning keep Arlene up to date in the Fitness industry.