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    First Visit Tips
    Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill out our Medical History form, Legal Release form, and change if necessary. This will avoid taking time away from your scheduled session.

    What to wear?
    Dress comfortably in work out clothing that will not restrict movement. Pilates is generally practiced barefooted, however socks, ballet slippers, or pilates slippers are recommended for health reasons.

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    How often should I come?
    Mr. Pilates recommended practicing his method 3-4 times per week. Our busy lifestyles and financial constraints may make this schedule difficult to follow. We therefore recommend coming as often as possible when you begin learning the method for constant feedback and corrections. As you become more proficient, it is possible to continue learning in the semi private sessions, and practicing at home.

    How soon will I get results?
    Mr. Pilates is often quoted as saying,” You will feel different after 10 sessions. You will look better after 20 sessions, and you will have a different body after 30 sessions.” Learning new movement patterns and developing your body/mind connection take patience, persistence and commitment. The wonderful thing about the Pilates Method is that you will enjoy each workout along the way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.


    What exercises will I do?
    Your first session will include a postural assessment ( digital photograph and grid –optional), and discussion of your expectations and goals you want to achieve, for example: improve posture/alignment, develop strength, flexibility, balance, move more efficiently, develop endurance, reduce pain, the list is endless. You will learn the concepts behind the exercises and away we go!! We will use the apparatus that works best for you, and at the same time follow the original exercises in the order that suits your needs. There are over 500 exercises, so you will never get bored. You will be progressed at your own speed, which will increase as you continue to practice. The Basic exercises must be mastered before progressing to the Intermediate exercises, which must be performed well, before adding the Advanced exercises.

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