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    Sports Focus: Pilates and Cycling

    Did you know that Pilates training will help cyclists improve their form and cycling distance?  Cycling is an endurance sport with cardiovascular benefits as well. If you look at professional cyclists they need to maintain their form for several hours along with moving their body efficiently. They need to reduce energy expenditure and improve their performance by increasing their cycling time before  muscle fatigue sets in. The Pilates Method is perfect for improving your cycling efficiency.

    Pilates = Strength  +  Power

    Pilates will give cyclists the core stabilization needed to maintain their posture on the bike, and allow those powerful hip, and leg muscles to do their work. With core strength, and flexibility, the cyclist is able to produce a powerful and supple pedal stroke. Pilates will also develop Thoracic core stability to ensure the cyclist is able to maintain their posture for long periods of time preventing neck, and upperback strain. Plus the “lift” from  this combination of Thoracic/Pelvic strength will decrease the pressure on the wrists!

    Pilates = Flexibility

    Flexibility in Pilates is accomplished by active lengthening with controlled exercises. Muscles must be moved through the full range of motion  while stabilizing the core.  Postural/Spinal flexibility is key for preventing neck and back problems, improving breathing, and increasing cycling time.  Flexibility in the hip, leg and foot/ankle  is necessary for a smooth and even  pedal  stroke. This will also encourage an efficient, rhythmical and flowing pattern of movement.

    Pilates = Movement Efficiency = Strength + Power + Flexibility + Endurance + Flow

    The Pilates Method is the only Strength and Conditioning Method that works the body holistcally, insuring efficient  movement, which is necessary for performing your  best. The equation above is the key to maximizing your cycling performance  and having more fun!

    Enjoy the Fall cycling weather and pedal away harder, faster and………keep on going!

    The Pilates Method Will Transform Your Body and You Will Transcend Your Limits

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